'Sticker Yourself' Book Design

Wheel was approached to firstly design jackets for this series of books, the jackets were a success with the publisher, so we were asked to design the first two books in the series.

Each sticker book is made up of 14 final designs, with a sheet of stickers for each of these designs at the back of the book. The designs had to be eye-catching and fun and appeal to a wide audience. The book is specially glued to let the user pull out each page once its done and hang it on the wall.

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  • The Bright Press ‘Sticker Yourself …’ series


  • Design
  • Pattern making/illustration
  • Sticker sheet creation
  • Copywriting

We started by designing 5 ‘shape families’ for each book, then worked out several designs using each of the shapes within a family. Then codes were applied to the final outline design to show where each sticker should go with solution designs being available on the contents pages.

Each book has its own ‘mood’ so the Sticker yourself calm had soothing colours and textures whilst the Sticker Yourself Happy book had brighter more vibrant patterns and designs.

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We were then asked to design a further x8 covers for the rest of the series, and also some covers for a sister series aimed at a younger audience called Sticker me Calm and Sticker me Happy.