Textile prints and designs

Powell Craft asked Wheel to do some textile prints for use on their clothing ranges, these all have a vintage feel and use hand drawn illustrations, The prints are used on children’s clothing and other products such as melamine dinnerware and bunting. 

Wheel created prints in a variety of ways, some use computer drawn illustrations, and some illustrations were done in the old fashioned way using a paintbrush! 

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All of the prints designed have to work using a minimal colour palette to keep costs down, and have to be created in a way that is printable onto cloth, plastics and PVU.

Wheel have also done many designs for children’s clothing and nightwear, these designs have to appeal to younger children, so incorporate illustrations of animals, insects, cars etc. An in depth knowledge of what is achievable in knitwear and embroidery is a must with these designs.

All designs © Powell Craft 2021

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