Historic Sussex Hotels Spa Branding

Historic Sussex Hotels is a group of three privately owned luxury hotels located in Sussex.

Two of the hotels, Ockenden Manor and Bailiffscourt, each have a contemporary spa and Wheel was asked to create a brand for each of the spas. The new branding needed towork on its own, whilst sitting comfortably alongside the existing more traditional brand of the hotel group.

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  • Historic Sussex Hotels:
  • Ockenden Manor Spa &
  • Bailiffscourt Spa


  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Image sourcing
  • Print Design

Bailiffscourt has a beautiful outdoor pool so we chose rippling water as a base for the brand, coupled with a circular logo as a nod to the main Hotel logo with a contemporary typeface in the centre. Ockenden is located in a beautiful lush wooded area, so green leaves make the base for their design. 

Branding for these exclusive contemporary spas includes corporate identity, direct mail marketing campaigns, brochures, advertising, stickers, gift vouchers and member cards.

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